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Description of My Prayer

This app calculates Muslims prayer times using the phone's location (latitude and longitude) based on different conventions.

Application Features:

- A widget that shows today's prayers times.

- A horizontal widget the shows a time bar between the previous and next prayer.

- Notification for each prayer and Iqamah reminders, with the ability to adjust their times.

- Ability to select notification tone (Athan) from the SD card.

- Switching the phone to silent automatically during prayer times, with settings for each prayer.

- Finding the location automatically using Network or GPS, or manually by searching in the Internet.

- A Compass to show the Qibla direction.

- Fajr (and Sahoor) Alarm, and it can be configured from Settings.

- A Date Converter, to convert Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa, and calculate the prayers for that date.

- Ability to adjust prayer times manually.

- Can be used in both languages, English or Arabic, and with two colors, White or Black.

Implemented Calculation Methods:

1- Umm Al Qura University

2- Muslim World League

3- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi

4- Egyptian General Authority of Survey

5- Islamic Union of North America

6- Union of Islamic Organisations in France

7- Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait

8- Angle Based Method

App Permissions:

- Location: to get the location and calculate prayer times for it.

- Files & Media: to be able select MP3 ringtons form the SD card, and store a backup of the app settings.

- Network Access: to get the location’s name, and perform a manual location search.

- In-app Purchases: to add an option for users to support the app and the developer.

For more information check the Info page from the option menu in the application.

For bug reports (or bugs on specific devices), and features requests please email us or visit the app's page.

My Prayer wear app for smartwatches running Android Wear has been published.

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Gasim 3 years ago

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I have tried many prayer times apps, but this one is the best as it addressed most of my needs I highly recommend every muslim to buy it

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Banaa Peace 4 years ago

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ًبرنامج رائع جدا

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‫سعد السبيعي‬‎ 4 years ago

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من أهم البرامج في مجال توقيت الصلاة بدقة ومميزات أخرى...حقيقة غني عن التعريف.....

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kavy 5 years ago

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its excellent

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